Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Shower Cake

I made this cake for my brother in law's bride to be. Their colors were pink and black for the wedding. I had trouble finding the right color rose the day before. However, most people did not notice that part! It was super easy. The trick to adding ribbon to your cake is to cut wax paper to put right behind it. I laid down the ribbon and trimmed wax paper to match it. If you do not add the paper the buttercream will bleed through the ribbon and look a hot greasy mess!
I also attached pictures of my husband and I with our children at the wedding. It was a beautiful and fun night ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ocean crab birthday cake

4oth Birthday Cake!

In a Galaxy Far Away! The start of a Star Wars Cake!

I am beginning to work on a cake for this Saturday for my son's 7th birthday! My husband and I have had more fun working on this cake making little lego star wars men! My kids have joined the fun in making some of the swords as you can see :) Im letting go a little and putting them on the cake.. Usually I am ocd about this! I found a great pic of another cake that I am using as a guide. I have finished the men but do not have all the pics taken yet, but here are a few! Final cake pictures to come soon!

Pirate Cake

I made this cake for my nephews birthday. It was super easy and soo cute! I added coins and necklaces from dollar store and it added a lot to the look!
It is a round cake (2 thin layers) , butter cream on top with fondant details. I use to make my own fondant, but have found that the wilton store bought is cheaper and easier to mold with. I am not a fan of the taste, so I always use buttercream so if people want to peel off the details they still can enjoy the cake!