Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ultimate Little Mermaid

So.. one of my friends asked if I would make an Ariel cake for her daughter. Well.. after watching too much television about baking.. cake boss. dc cupcakes.. i decided i can't make just some cake.. we gotta make it BIG! Halfway through I thought What WAS I THINKING!! and at the end.. i decided.. THIS WAS SO WORTH IT~ We made difference scences.. my first thought was to put the cakes together on a rectangle.. have a circle for the witch.. the ship in the middle on the rectangle.. and the three tier in the back.. However, days before I had a mental attack thinking its not going to work.. I am not sure why.. i just had this deep gut feeling I was going to ruin her birthday. So after some rethinking Heather had the idea to use a three tier plate rack she had. Thankfully. dollar store sells pretty flat plate. I got three and Poof.. big display for 3 bucks ;)!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pea in the Pod

My bunko group recently had a surprise baby shower for one of the girls in our group. I decided to do one of my favorite themes the pea in the pod. This was lots of fun and I loved making the little face and curl. This was an easy cake that even a beginner could do :) It is mostly balls and I used toothpicks for the mouth and hat. I also used edible markers to make the eyes :) Good LUCK~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June.. time to start planning for January Birthday~~

well it's the halfway point of the year.. I am starting to roll ideas around for a Wizard's of Waverly Place party for my daughter. I have found a few great ideas, but there is not a lot out there. If anyone has any ideas throw them at me. So far I found cute decorations, table settings, we will make subs, magic wands, lotion potion with colored jars with glitter etc.. This is one of my favorite Disney shows so I am excited about making this one really fun for her~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Shower Cake

I made this cake for my brother in law's bride to be. Their colors were pink and black for the wedding. I had trouble finding the right color rose the day before. However, most people did not notice that part! It was super easy. The trick to adding ribbon to your cake is to cut wax paper to put right behind it. I laid down the ribbon and trimmed wax paper to match it. If you do not add the paper the buttercream will bleed through the ribbon and look a hot greasy mess!
I also attached pictures of my husband and I with our children at the wedding. It was a beautiful and fun night ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ocean crab birthday cake

4oth Birthday Cake!

In a Galaxy Far Away! The start of a Star Wars Cake!

I am beginning to work on a cake for this Saturday for my son's 7th birthday! My husband and I have had more fun working on this cake making little lego star wars men! My kids have joined the fun in making some of the swords as you can see :) Im letting go a little and putting them on the cake.. Usually I am ocd about this! I found a great pic of another cake that I am using as a guide. I have finished the men but do not have all the pics taken yet, but here are a few! Final cake pictures to come soon!

Pirate Cake

I made this cake for my nephews birthday. It was super easy and soo cute! I added coins and necklaces from dollar store and it added a lot to the look!
It is a round cake (2 thin layers) , butter cream on top with fondant details. I use to make my own fondant, but have found that the wilton store bought is cheaper and easier to mold with. I am not a fan of the taste, so I always use buttercream so if people want to peel off the details they still can enjoy the cake!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

icarly cake

I have not posted in FOREVER.. I lost my passwords .. I am about 4 birthdays behind~ However.. today my daughter and I worked on her 8th birthday cake. She wanted an icarly cake. There were not a lot of ideas out there.. so we used a few we found and created our own. This year she was able to help with the fondant and had a blast~I let go a little of my controlling side also and let her design the label for the computer :) It is buttercream icing and premade fondant from Walmart that we colored ourselves. We used a biscuit cutter for the circles, wilton star cut outs for the stars.. the small circles are the top of an icing tip holder.. the computer is from her American Girl Doll Collection. I hope this helps anyone out there who needs help with an icarly cake.. I know we looked forever for things~ BEST OF LUCK and most important. have fuN~~ This was a slumber party full of painted nails, dancing etc. like on I carly. The main event was an art project since Spencer is an artist. I have also attached pictures of our art projects!