Saturday, January 15, 2011

icarly cake

I have not posted in FOREVER.. I lost my passwords .. I am about 4 birthdays behind~ However.. today my daughter and I worked on her 8th birthday cake. She wanted an icarly cake. There were not a lot of ideas out there.. so we used a few we found and created our own. This year she was able to help with the fondant and had a blast~I let go a little of my controlling side also and let her design the label for the computer :) It is buttercream icing and premade fondant from Walmart that we colored ourselves. We used a biscuit cutter for the circles, wilton star cut outs for the stars.. the small circles are the top of an icing tip holder.. the computer is from her American Girl Doll Collection. I hope this helps anyone out there who needs help with an icarly cake.. I know we looked forever for things~ BEST OF LUCK and most important. have fuN~~ This was a slumber party full of painted nails, dancing etc. like on I carly. The main event was an art project since Spencer is an artist. I have also attached pictures of our art projects!


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katherine said...

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