Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ultimate Little Mermaid

So.. one of my friends asked if I would make an Ariel cake for her daughter. Well.. after watching too much television about baking.. cake boss. dc cupcakes.. i decided i can't make just some cake.. we gotta make it BIG! Halfway through I thought What WAS I THINKING!! and at the end.. i decided.. THIS WAS SO WORTH IT~ We made difference scences.. my first thought was to put the cakes together on a rectangle.. have a circle for the witch.. the ship in the middle on the rectangle.. and the three tier in the back.. However, days before I had a mental attack thinking its not going to work.. I am not sure why.. i just had this deep gut feeling I was going to ruin her birthday. So after some rethinking Heather had the idea to use a three tier plate rack she had. Thankfully. dollar store sells pretty flat plate. I got three and Poof.. big display for 3 bucks ;)!

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