Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bug Birthday Party Ideas!

Hunter's 2nd Birthday was so much fun to plan! I knew I wanted it outside because the weather is really starting to get pretty around his birthday. I thought bugs was perfect for him since he was at the age he began noticing the differences in animals, fish, and CREATURES! I made the inventations on my computer. I found some cute kiddie clip art of a jar with bugs in it. I wrote Let's Bug Out and Celebrate Hunter's 2nd Birthday! I cut the jars out so the inventation was the shape of the jar and put stickets of bugs on the envelopes. I had a lot of trouble finding a good cake so I had to get creative. I went to Dollar Tree and Walmart and found huge plastic bugs. I order a chocolate on chocolate cake. I put the big bugs all over the cake. I also made cupcakes since the kids were younger so they could grab them and eat them. The adults at the big cake. For ice cream I took chocolate ice cream and put them it in clear cups. I then crushed up oreos and poured them on top and place gummy worms coming out of the cups. The kids LOVED THEM! All around the back yard I had bugs and garden bug items I found cheap at Walmart and Dollar Tree. The main table had green on it with bugs all around too. I even put some in the chips and stuff. The kids had bug juice to drink too (green Kool aid). We played in the backyard and had 1 craft. I only did 1 craft because most of the kids were soo young I knew the parents would have to help. I bought concrete and decorative stones. each child got to make a garden stone with their hands/feet/ and the gems to put in their garden with the bugs. For party favors I found bug containers that came with magifying glasses, and bug tongs. I put stickers and plastic bugs in them also. The kids also took home their garden stones. I wrote a thank you note and put it in each container that said Thanks for bugging out with me! Love, Hunter
It was a very cute theme for a little boy! I still love looking at the pictures of the cake!

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