Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thomas the Train

When my son Hunter was 2 he became obsessed with Thomast the Train. He is almost 4 and still loves them! For his 3rd birthday he was excited to have a Thomas Party. Hunter's birthday is during the summer so it is soo easy to use free outdoor settings. There is a huge local park that I choose to have the party at. It worked great for this age because they really just want to play with each other. We got there 1 hour before to get the gazeboo set up with balloons, tables, etc.
Inventations: I did choose to use the premade ones for his party. He really wanted the actual Thomas, not just a train picture.
Cake: I knew I wanted Thomas to be huge on the cake, but all the cakes I saw at my local bakeries had small engines. I choose to have the bakery make a cake with a grass and sky scene. I then bought a larger Thomas toy and put it on the cake. It was soo cute and it def. shouted THOMAS! Since we were outside I choose to have fudge popcicles instead of icecream (spoons, bowls, etc)
For Party favors I wanted something a little different this time. I found Thomas t shirts on clearance through All Abord Toys on the internet. I order 1 shirt for every child. I rolled the shirts up and tied them with a red ribbon and put a little thank you note from Hunter with a little train picture. I also made a Thomas, Annie, and Claribel using small shoe boxes. This party was all about decorations since we were having free play. This made a great centerpiece for the gift table. As each child arrived I gave them their shirts to wear. It was great to help keep up with the kids for the party since we were at a public park. It is fun too because I still see the kids in the neighborhood outside playing with their shirts on almost 1 year later!
During the party the kids loved playing.. just being kids! When it was time for cake and icecream we had a huge picnic on blankets. We also had a blue train slide at the park that was perfect! I got a picture of Hunter and all his friends with their shirts sitting on the slide. I choose not to post it since it had other people's children in it. Last, but not least, the birthday boy got to open all of his presents! It was so nice to have such a relaxing party! Hunter still talks about this birthday and told me he wanted a Percy birthday this year, however, he has finally decided on baseball.. So I am currently planning a baseball party for this May.. Anyone with great ideas please leave comments!

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