Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little Mermaid/Ocean Party Ideas Pump it UP

There were soo many ideas out there for this party I had trouble! Luckily, Rachel really wanted a pump it up Ariel party .. So some of the activity decission making was elimanated when we decided to PUMP IT UP> At this point my goal was to make sure it was apparent that it was a Mermaid party. Since Rachel was going to be jumping she couldn't dress up.. so I bough a light blue shirt from Walmart and my mother in law embroidered a Ariel on her shirt. I also bought her a Princess Tiara from a party store to wear while she ate cake and opened presents. During this party planning I was off work and recovering from major knee surgery. I wasn't allowed to walk on my knee or bend it for about 8 weeks, so I got to search probably every sight on the internet. My main obsession was the cake and cookies. I fell in love with some beautiful cakes that were tiered, but knew there was no way I could afford them. SO . I decided to take up a new hobby.. cakes.. Again, I had the time to play on the internet to see how to smooth the icing, tips, etc.. I was pleased with my version of the cakes I saw, however, it def. didn't look like the professional ones I saw.. HOWEVER.. if you ever consider making a cake.. I say do it.. You wouldn't believe how neat my daughter thought it was I made her cake. She thinks I am the Queen of Cakes, which I am not, but I loved seeing her bean when I finally showed her the finished product.. you could just see her thinking WOW>. my mommy did that for me!.. and she didn't notice any of the flaws I obsessed over! I also decided hey if I can take on a cake, I can take on cookies... and let me say.. they are HARD!! They did turn out cute, but I slept very little that night.. I wasn't pleased with my Royal Icing Recipe because it dried too fast.. so if anyone has a good recipe for cookie icing please let me know! I made starfish and fish cookies. I wrapped 3 for each child and put them in a big beach bucket for display. For party favors I picked a tropical flower print for the bags (didn't think the boys would want Ariel bags) from Oriental Trading. For the favors I tried to keep them more gender neutral verses Disney Princess Mermaidish... Okay on this next part - nobody got it-- I blame it on the heavy pain meds if noone else gets it - i choose jump ropes , and I did that because Ariel got her legs and could do fun things like jump rope.. okay then I had starburst, bubbles, beach balls, and the cookies.
I wanted it to be obvious Ariel was the theme, but I was NOT allowed to decorate the room. What do I do? Well you buy 2 HUGE Ariel balloons, put a few colored heart balloons with it and put them in the middle of the tables where the kids sit.

During the party the kids jumped, then ate cake and opened presents. So simple, yet very memorable!


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